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Oil cooler: Intelligently control the cutting temperature, and extend the service of the gun drilling. LED lights: LED lights are used for the machine illumination, which is bright enough, last longer life and saves more energy.

Completely enclosed protection: the whole machine is protected by a completely enclosed shield. It’s a safe, environmental and beautiful. Basement of Machine: High-quality cast for the machine frame, imported guide rail and ball screw for movement parts.

Spindle structure: Special spindle is set according to the process characteristics of deep-hole drilling. It’s easy to operate and higher torque is ensured. Skidproof barrier on operating platform: the skidproof barrier enlarges the operating space, which improve the operating safety.

Strong magnetic chip conveyor: the chips adsorbed by the magnetic force, move on the stainless steel plate. It’s suitable for magnetic materials. Hydraulic tank filter: Scrolling paper filter,which can be removed and replaced paper conveniently, is of high filter accuracy.


Man-machine dialogue mode, and intuitive, code programming mode, fast and efficient Deeply combining with the characteristics of deep hole drilling, this system is humanized designed, making the operation more simple and faster. The highly sensitive monitoring equipment will sound a Chinese alarm if any unusual errors and stop processing, which is safe and found intuitively.

12’’Liquid crystal display with high resolution Completely self-check and alarming function CNC system standard function 100 groups of working coordinates Operation interface shows Chinese/English and man-machine dialogue mode. al display with high resolution. Man-machine dialogue: 120 hole position Standard procedures PLC Programming control function Hand wheel simulated program processing function Variable frequency control for cutting oil pressure Expansion card and high speed Ethernet Remote transmission function Pressure overload protection.

A new panel of humanization design, key partition arrangement meets people’s operation habit, the function keys are Chinese and English letters, digital display, full keyboard design, making the operation more intuitive, efficient and comfortable.


Automatic spiral chip conveyor: Chips are sent spirally. It is fit for conveying a variety of materials. Gun drilling storehouse: the portable storehouse, which is fixed on the machine, is convenient for storing some common gun drills and tools.

Chain plate chip conveyor: the precision components such as guide rail and ball screws are lubricated automatically, according to the settled time and quantity. Working stairs: It’s designed for operators who work on the platform of big machines.

Automatic lubricating pump: the precision components such as guide rail and ball screws are lubricated automatically, according to the settle time and quantity. Electrical cabinet air conditioner: intelligently control the temperature of electrical components.


Gun drill grinding machine: It’s made of precision ball guide and high speed motor. With little friction force, it works stably and can grind all kinds of gun drill accurately and efficiently. Strong ron remover: With brake pedal, which can remove the oil iron quickly and effectively.

Kit: guide sleeve, rubber sleeve. Special cutting oil: Good lubrication improves surface cleanliness. Extreme pressure additives are included, which protect the tools well and maintain the processing precision.

Gun drill system: Outside chip discharging system is a perfect deep-hole processing technology.



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